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The School of Physical Science and Technology is one of the oldest schools in Soochow University, established at the beginning of last century. Since its founding in 1914, the school has progressed and evolved to match the changing needs of those it serves. It now has programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. And there are centers for post-doctoral studies. Today, the School of Physical Science and Technology has been accredited with good contributions to the society, including scientific research contributions, providing nationally recognized programs and preparing the students to become outstanding professionals.


The School of Physical Science and Technology consists of two undergraduate majors, Physics and Physics (Normal). And it supports College Physics Department,ExperimentalPhysicsCenterand Physics Education Institute, which provide facilities and more opportunities for students to learn theoretical and practical knowledge. Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Research centre is one of the most important institutes.


The condition of our school has been progressing with the development of the whole university. The administration offices covers nearly2000m2, the old Experimental Physics Center about 2600m2, and the new Physics Science and Technology Building reaches 29000m2. There are many significant facilities in the laboratories. Also, it includes different fields of professional labs, like Electronics, Detecting Techniques, and Thermal Power Engineering and so on. While Mechanics & Thermology, Electrics, Optics, Physics and so on, belong to National Demonstration Centre of Experiment, which is also the Experimental Teaching Center of Physics. Now the school is responsible for the journal Physics Teacher, which is the bulletin of Physics Education Research Association. And our school also supports two centers for post-doctoral studies, and offers two doctoral programs, eight Master programs, and eight undergraduate programs.


Altogether, there are 105 faculties and stuffs in the school. One of them is Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 41 are professors; 33 are associate professors. Some of them are honored byJiangsuProvinceand National Ministry of Education. Now, there are about 249 graduates and 383 undergraduates enrolled. Every year, students scored excellent achievements in all kinds of competitions, such as National Challenge Cup and National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest.


With all the work has been done, our school has made great achievement recently. We could see that, Physics is now a key subject of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Jiangsu Province, and Physics of undergraduate was accredited as a characteristic program by Ministry of Education. General Physics is a national exquisite course, and the bilingual course Electromagnetism has been accredited as demonstration course by Ministry of Education. Physics experimental teaching center has become a National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Moreover, we also have Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Thin Film. Additionally, one of the basic Physics courses was accredited asExperimentalTeachingDemonstrationCenterin higher schools ofJiangsuProvince.


On the basis of all the achievements, more than 100 projects have been granted in the recent years, including "973" and"863" projects, and projects from NASA, Ministry of Education, also, National Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Province. Different honors and awards have been got through the well-done jobs. And more than 100 papers were published on SCI, EI, ISTP.




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